Home Watch

Home Watch is “the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues”.

Home Watch is known by many names: house watch, house check, home concierge, caretaker, absentee home service, property watch, and so on. Regardless of the name, Keowee Home Services performs regularly scheduled inspections, on behalf of the homeowner, of second, seasonal or vacant homes to ensure the home’s continued value, proper maintenance, and safety. These inspections include a check of the entire property including the yard and outside structures, the exterior of the home, and the interior including all appliances and mechanical systems.

Keowee Home Services’ Home Watch program is distinct from companies in the Property Management business which are focused on the marketing and rental of vacation homes. Home Watch is also distinct from one-time home inspections conducted by state-licensed Inspectors that are usually conducted as part of the real estate sales process. Our services complement but do not compete with Property Management and Home Inspection companies.

As part of our Home Watch program, Keowee Home Services conducts regular, comprehensive exterior and interior inspections to ensure that your property is well cared for in your absence. Our service provides you with an open and proactive line of communications that provides peace of mind, timely resolution of issues and enhanced security. Our leading-edge and secure IT systems provide the level of automation and access to information you expect from your service providers. 


Our services:

  • Provide peace of mind knowing that your home is being well cared for in your absence – you can focus on enjoying your home instead of maintaining your home.
  • Ensure timely and professional resolution of issues managed on your behalf.
  • Serve as a readily available local contact for emergencies or special situations.
  • Meet the requirements of your homeowner’s insurance policy regarding unoccupied or vacant homes. Our services can ensure you are not caught without coverage in case of a homeowner’s policy insurance claim.

Additional Services

How We Secure Keys

We understand the importance of security to you. We maintain all homeowner keys in a locked key box in our offices with a strict check-out / check-in process. All keys are only labeled with a customer ID number that contains no personal or property identification information. All sensitive client information, such as name, address, alarm codes, etc., is only stored in our secure IT systems accessible by authorized personnel and are never written in paper files.

  • Keowee Home Services provides handyman services for basic, routine home maintenance needs. These handyman services such as changing light bulbs, HVAC filters and batteries in electronic devices, installing ceiling fans / light fixtures, painting, hardscape pressure washing, toilet and faucet repair and other basic, non-licensed maintenance services.
  • We also can refer licensed and non-licensed contractors for all other maintenance needs. With your approval, we can solicit and present proposals and bids for projects, provide access to the property and act as a liaison between you and the contractor.
  • We can start and drive vehicles left on the property to maintain proper operation.
  • We can start and run boats and PWCs to maintain proper operation.
  • We can conduct grocery and miscellaneous shopping on behalf of the property owner.
  • We can provide other concierge services such as seasonal home opening and closing, package and mail pickup and forwarding, provide lockout services, serve as the emergency contact for security company, provide basic house cleaning and provide access to the property for contractors and other visitors authorized by the owner. If you want to know if we can do it, just ask!