Our Systems Advantage

Our IT systems are a key enabler of our service to you.  These systems store all customer and property information as well as automate the inspection and reporting process.  We continue to expand the capabilities of our systems to deliver the best customer experience possible.


All of our IT applications are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the largest and most secure cloud-hosting services in the world.

Electronic Reporting

A PDF report is generated and automatically emailed to you at the end of each visit.  A complete history of reports is maintained for your property.

Electronic Invoicing

You will receive invoices for services via email on a monthly basis.  You can view the invoice and easily pay online via credit card, debit card or ACH transaction (electronic check).  In addition, with your prior authorization, we can process payment of the invoice for you.

GPS Visit Verification

GPS location and well as the date and time are electronically captured with each visit to assure you that services are being delivered as promised.

Automated Checklists

Our automated checklist, customized for the specific requirements of your property, ensure that the full scope of the inspection is completed each and every time. An automated checklist and report are generated each time we visit your home.

Future Capability

We are always looking for ways to add more value to you. In the future, we will implement a web-based customer portal where you can access your current and historical property information, inspection reports and invoices from anywhere in the world.